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Title     Our Incredible Created World
Sub-Title      It’s no accident!
Hard case bound 
ISBN: 979-8-9881173-0-8
Full color, 8.5” by 11”
Pages 116
50 Creation stories
Uplifting Christian Books, Nashville, Tennessee
May 15, 2023  hardback published
Co-authors - Ed Landry, Buddy Petty


This book presents the immense complexity and design found in our created world. It is primarily for middle school to high school students as an alternative to the widespread exposure they have to the theory of evolution. This beautiful, full-color book is an adventure of discovery of our natural world and universe. Great design requires a Great Designer.

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As a Biology teacher, I recommend this book!

The price is $19.95

All taxes and shipping included

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Charles Darwin does not like the book.

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